We are an enterprise development consultancy firm that supports small & medium enterprises (SMEs) to establish and scale their businesses.

We help every business owner to optimize value from their business by laying foundations that ensure profit maximization and business continuity


Our Goals

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Our work is guided by SGD 8: Decent Work and Economic Development and SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Our organizational goals are:

Goal One

To impart relevant skills that are a prerequisite for the successful establishment and expansion of businesses.

Goal Two

To facilitate access to finance for entrepreneurs; and investment opportunities for investors.


Vision & Mission

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To intensify the contribution of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to global economic development, by enhancing their longevity.


To support small and medium enterprises in tackling the challenges that inhibit their growth.

Client Focus:

We are committed to listening to our clients and positively responding to their needs.


We recognize the power of working together and multiply our contribution by delivering in teams.

Positive Change:

We strive to impact positively in all our interactions; both internally and externally with our customers.


Our solutions are not a one-size fits all. We invest in understanding and designing customized solutions for our clients.

Continuous Learning:

We aim to be better everyday by picking lessons from the past and investing in acquiring new knowledge and skills set.

Ms. Margaret Kinyanjui

Lead Consultant


A message from our founder


The contribution of SMEs to economic development has been grossly underrated and not enough attention given to address the challenges that threaten the survival of businesses in developing nations.
Enterprise development initiatives are the only saving grace to ensuring businesses win and live. At Dade Consult, we are committed to ensuring that every SME we interact with transitions to a large organization and can multiply its impact in the society. We use a holistic approach to equip business leaders with the skills they require to grow their businesses and access avenues that provide capital to scale.

She is the lead consultant at Dade Consult Ltd. She has over 7 years of experience working with small and medium enterprises; particularly in areas of finance and business development.
Her background is in Economics and Finance, where she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Nairobi.


Our Approach

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Step 1


We diagnose the problem the business is facing.

Step 2


We implement the proposed solution through consulting, coaching, mentorship or training.

Step 3


We monitor and evaluate the outcomes.


Our Clients

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Our Clients Speak for us

Dade Consult carried out a business market study which was very well written and contained all the information we had requested. This was truly more than we paid for.
Sarah Mbwaya
Aspectus Ltd
Dade Consult is the go to company for all your corporate training needs. They did an outstanding job drafting our company's vision, mission, core values, and also training our staff. If you are looking for a consulting firm to help you effect great positive impact to your company, then Dade Consult will make a great difference within your company.
Meschack Kariuki
Director, Ultra Power Systems Ltd
We clearly identified our customer value proposition. The Cow, Beehive and Vineyard analogy was an eye opener. It has been a productive and exciting moment working with Dade Consult and looking forward to phase 2.
Billy Mwaura
Elins Decor Ltd
Dade Consult guided us in the process of doing an Organization Diagnostics to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in our business. Through this process, we were able to identify the factors that were stalling growth in our organization. Simply put, they are talented in what they do hence execute their role with ease.
Nicholas Waiganjo
Director, Sanix Engineers Ltd