We support SMEs to establish and grow their businesses.

We are an enterprise development consultancy firm that supports small & medium enterprises (SMEs) to establish or scale their businesses.


Our Solution

What we do

Financial management

At Dade Consult, we believe that money matters. We recognize the direct correlation of smart financial management and the success of any business.

Business development

We pride ourselves as experts in creating targeted strategies to grow revenue by expanding to new markets or diversifying your portfolio of offering.

Operational excellence

We help organizations optimize their processes, to deliver value to all stakeholders, while utilizing the available resources efficiently.


Our Approach

How we work
Step 1


We diagnose the problem the business is facing.

Step 2


We implement the proposed solution through consulting, coaching, mentorship or training.

Step 3


We monitor and evaluate the outcomes.

Ms. Margaret Kinyanjui

Lead Consultant


A message from our founder


The contribution of SMEs to economic development has been grossly underrated and not enough attention given to address the challenges that threaten the survival of businesses in developing nations. Enterprise development initiatives are the only saving grace to ensuring businesses win and live. At Dade Consult, we are committed to ensuring that every SME we interact with transitions to a large organization and can multiply its impact in the society. We use a holistic approach to equip business leaders with the skills they require to grow their businesses and access avenues that provide capital to scale.


Our power is numbers

How we work
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Business people Coached & mentored

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People have received training

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Over 50% of businesses we have worked with have doubled their profits


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