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We understand the various challenges a business faces at various stages of its life-cycle. This has enabled us to map out solutions that correspond to the various stages of a business…


Financial management


At Dade Consult, we believe that money matters. We recognize the direct correlation of smart financial management and the success of any business. We will guide you in developing appropriate pricing strategies, managing your working capital and creating systems around your business finances.
We also support our clients in their fundraising efforts, when they require to source external funds to scale their businesses.


Business development


We pride ourselves as experts in creating targeted strategies to grow revenue by expanding to new markets or diversifying your portfolio of offering. We will help you define your identity in the marketplace by refining your vision, mission, core values as well as your target market.
We also assist our clients in development of sound business plans to guide their business activities.


Operational excellence


We believe that operational excellence is an important strategy for businesses that want to sustain their growth and stay ahead of their competition. We help organizations optimize their processes, to deliver value to all stakeholders, while utilizing the available resources efficiently. Our goal is to institute proper structures in your business, by ensuring your business activities run systematically.


Talent management


We recognize that the success of every organization is pegged on the quality of people they onboard.
We will help you match the needs of your business with the right talent; create people management systems that guarantee statutory compliance and optimization of the output of every staff. We are committed to helping businesses to create the right culture in their organizations by harmonizing their core values with the expectations of every role.


Our Methodology


We use a multi-faceted approach in our methodology. We incorporate coaching, mentorship, training and consulting techniques to deliver the unique solutions our clients require. We have experience in executing complex processes and interacting in client-facing situations. We identify and create leverage points that maximize value to our clients.

Coaching & Mentorship

How We Deliver


Targeted Training